Christ’s Day is at the Doorway

The King of Kings prepares to rule and reign forever.

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Israel’s Land Today- Who properly occupies it?

Who are the Canaanites and Palestinians that lay claim to the land today?

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Biblical messages and studies

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Christians are NOT prepared for the return of Christ!  Just as the Jews were looking for a warrior king to defeat the worldly powers at the first coming, Christians ignore that this time the warrior is really coming and they only see their “prince of peace”.  The Christian mistake is the same as the Jewish mistake but in the opposite direction.

“A Watchman’s Timepiece” details the date of the return of Jesus as “King of Kings”. This presents biblical passages as never presented before.
It is a “timepiece” as it identifies what little time remains.  I am a “watchman” because I reveal the signs of the times and am under a DUTY to warn you of impending struggles, or God will hold me responsible for not sounding the alarm. home-4

Christ returns very soon…

A Watchman’s Timepiece connects bible prophecies to explain the dating mechanisms of Christ’s soon return.  This is a must read for every believer.

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