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God’s Vision for Us

The bible is a recap of “His-story” (aka “history”) as written by Our Creator. His word and writings are inspired even though He used the hand of man to physically write it. As a student of its details I find absolutely no error in bible content and an innate precision proved out by archeology and time. God created a perfect home for mankind in the Garden of Eden and man fell away from His commands and introduced death into this world. It required a redeemer, a perfect “Lamb of God” to fulfill the legal requirements of God’s oath to us to reform us into the Old World Order and warn us of the Luciferian “New World Order” being prepared now by the fallen angels. This redemption was made by the sacrifice of Messiah as “Prince of Peace” in Jesus’ first coming 2,000 years ago and as high priest He offers us the gift of eternal life resulting directly from his sacrifice at Calvary.

Our Story

We have all fallen far short of the “glory of God” and need a savior to spiritually reunite us with our Creator. Jesus of Nazareth is that savior for all mankind and we come to accept his offering with nothing required of us as the gift is provided by grace and not merit. Not one of us can come by merit because we have all “broken God’s laws” as provided in the “Mosaic Covenant”.

My Own Story

Although a few humans may look upon me as a “good person”, the truth is that I acknowledge I am a sinner.  If I did not acknowledge my nature, I would be lying to you.  I deserve the punishment of death that comes with breaking God’s Covenant with me, but I was born that way, and I was introduced into a most sinful world, and there are spiritual powers that attempt to keep me in that lost state.   There was little hope for me.  Fortunately, by God’s unmerited grace, I now believe that history’s most revered human being, Christ Jesus of Nazareth, is the son of God.  In fact the first chapter of Luke details that conception and birth in the Greek language which few members of the clergy understand or teach.

This website is NOT designed to repeat the fables that are often taught in our world.  Satan is the GREAT DECEIVER and has been at work for thousands of years.  You will hear non-traditional thoughts from me based solely upon the bible and will rarely hear what religion teaches today.  A full understanding requires a full background of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament and teachers that ignore the full background are likely either ignorant or mislead.

Each story will present background that is supported by the bible but which you may never have heard before.  My first book, “The Watchman’s Timepiece” presents a number of new Christian concepts from the bible that I am unaware have EVER been presented before so put on your thinking cap and get ready for a bible challenge.

Meet the Team


Sherman Harrington



Holly Harrington

Wife and my “2nd rock”


Ron Fernandez

My friend and computer artist whom without this would not be possible

Next Steps…

You have run out of time!  The “water is broken” and the “birthpangs are on the way”.  The “new baby” is coming and the baby’s room has to be prepared!  There is no more time to come to Christ- the hour has arrived- get ready!

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